Critical Operational

Nebraska Applied Research Institute (NARI) specializes in solving complex cybersecurity problems for cyber-physical systems in the healthcare, utilities, and defense domains.

Our Capabilities

NARI provides offensive and defensive solutions that allow our customers to discover, assess, manage and mitigate OT cybersecurity risks in safety, mission, and life-critical environments.


Our custom Test and Development Environments (TDE’s) allow the high-fidelity replication of OT environments. Utilize TDE’s to ensure DoD RMF compliance; establish best practices; and optimize systems, new components and security.

Device Virtualization

Do you need to test your critical OT systems in a safe environment? NARI will build you unique testbeds with cloud scale and capabilities.

Training & Awareness

Are your OT engineers aware of what the IT group is changing on your OT network? Are they able to detect malware activity and other risks on the OT network? Are they able to work together to respond to cyber incidents. If not contact NARI to bridge these gaps.

Vulnerability & Mitigation Research

Just how resilient are your critical OT systems? NARI has unique, unparalleled capabilities for 0-day vulnerability discovery and mitigation for your OT systems.

Risk Assessments & Compliance

Are you truly in compliance? Our subject matter experts will measure and manage your OT cybersecurity risk through assessments and a customized remediation roadmap for your regulatory requirements.

Applied Research

Do you have difficult OT cybersecurity challenges? NARI’s applied research team focuses on tailoring real-world solutions to complex cybersecurity challenges in critical infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence

How effective is your cybersecurity artificial intelligence? NARI is breaking machine learning and artificial intellenge to advance the state of the art, not to sell you snake oil like everyone else.

Virtual Reality &
Augmented Reality

Did you know that virtual reality has a place in OT systems? Our team is finding new ways to incorporate critical scenarios for real-world environments with AR/VR-equipped OT testbed-based training.

Cloud Platform
Integration Solutions

OT systems are increasingly migrating data analysis and processing to the cloud. Our experts can make sure this occurs safely for your environment.

Learn More With
NARI Training

Our hands-on training brings together IT and OT operators to build skills, communications, and collaboration to address gaps and divides using real-world scenarios and live networks using industrial testbeds.

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